Here on my Testimonials page, I invite you to listen to the words of my satisfied customers. Feel the love, reliability, and creativity that I provide to your wedding, family, or business. Allow their words to spark your imagination, and come along with me on a wonderful adventure.
We booked Aleks for a 2 hour photoshoot for our civil wedding in Copenhagen back in June. The contact and communication were extremely friendly and helpful, taking into account that we contacted him on such short notice. Aleks did a wonderful job on the photoshoot, helping us to achieve the most natural and happy moments. The photos turned out great, too. Aleks is very professional and provides editing up to the point when you are happy with the end result. We really enjoyed working with him and would definitely recommend it!

Quynh & Walter
We were fortunate to have Aleks as our wedding photographer for our special day at Copenhagen City Hall and throughout the streets of this beautiful city. He truly exceeded our expectations with his professionalism, expertise, and creativity. Aleks made us feel comfortable and at ease, capturing every moment with precision and care. The photos turned out absolutely stunning and we have received endless compliments from our family and friends. We particularly love how Aleks incorporated the picturesque cityscape and architecture into our photos, making them truly unique and unforgettable. We highly recommend Aleks to anyone looking for a skilled and passionate wedding photographer in Copenhagen. Thank you, Aleks, for capturing our love story so beautifully!

Katja & Philip
My husband and I are not used to being photographed, and we told Aleks about it. But he made everything easy and smooth for us during our wedding in Copenhagen. The reviews are true. Aleks has a very warm personality, and at the same time, he was able to capture the best moments given a very short time. Quality photos, and we could not ask for more. We just love every single one of them. Thank you again, Aleks!

Rem & Leo
For me and for my husband, it was our first experience of a professional photoshoot, and we really enjoyed it. We love each picture from the wedding in Copenhagen. Aleks managed to catch us the way we like to see each other, plus the beautiful background of sunny and springtime Copenhagen. Thank you once again.

Roksana & Victor
We hired Aleks to cover our wedding ceremony in Copenhagen. We are thrilled with the quality of the pictures and the choice of locations that he chose. The complete process, from the initial booking through the editing of the final pictures, was very simple, and on the day of our wedding, Aleks put us totally at ease and was able to communicate with me in English and my husband in Spanish. And whilst many of the guests took some great pictures with their mobile phones, none of them had the quality or sharpness of the pictures taken by Aleks. Highly recommended. Thank you, Aleks.

Alastair & Alexi
So glad for the outcome of our wedding photos that Aleks took at our civil wedding in Copenhagen. It’s just so random and surreal. Me and my husband are just pleased of the end result. For new couples like us, who are also not comfortable with pictorials or don’t know how to pose being first timers, there’s never a wrong time for a good shot and the right pose. Be yourselves. 🙂 As they say, if you must be candid, be candid beautifully. The photos are just timeless. Thank you so much, Aleks. ❤️

Laurence & Marc
We did a photoshoot in Copenhagen for our jewelry brand ‘Lobo Brillante’ and we are so happy with the results. Aleks was very professional and communicative, and he had a very good vibe all the time, it was so easy to work with him. As well a great photographer, he got such a beautiful angles and brought his own ideas and style, which for us was perfect being our first time doing a photoshoot. I would recommend him with no doubts.

Lobo Brillante
It was a lovely experience to walk about and chat with Aleks for this photoshoot experience. We’ve been living in Copenhagen for 2+ years and wanted a way to commemorate our experience before departing. Aleks does a great job planning his route and being flexible around challenges of crowds and lack of lighting. His photo gallery results show his expertise – and the way he captures the colors of Copenhagen is *chef’s kiss*. I would highly recommend him for a photoshoot in this magical city.

After the first contact, we quickly realized that Aleks is the right photographer for our big day. He is very friendly, faithful, professional and creative. Now it’s been a few weeks since our wedding in Copenhagen and we still love to look at all the great pictures, we can still feel the great emotions. We cannot say thank you enough for the great moments he captured for us. If you are looking for a photographer in Copenhagen, we definitely recommend Aleks!

Yuko & Thomas
Wow!!!! If you are looking for a photographer in Copenhagen, do yourself a favor and work with Aleks. He is truly gifted at what he does—I had so much fun on my solo travel photoshoot and the pictures turned out incredible. Legitimately, I could not have asked for a better photographer / experience. It was worth every penny, and honestly, this shoot was a highlight of my trip. Excited to have these photos to document such an amazing experience.

Since the moment we contacted Aleks for the first time,he has been super attentive. His work as a photographer is amazing, and we could not be happier with the results.  Thanks, Aleks, for your beautiful work and all the good energy you shared with us at our wedding day in Copenhagen. We totally recommend Aleks!

Rebecca & Maciej
I chose Aleks as photographer because I liked how he was working nicely with the backgrounds – and I hoped that would make up for my non-posing. I feel very uncomfortable in front of cameras but as a solo traveler I wanted to have a solid memory of Copenhagen. We had the worst circumstances really, I showed up after a sleepless night and outside it was stormy, rainy and very cold. So I have no idea how Aleks managed to take any pictures which I like at all. Like other people mentioned before, he makes it as easy as possible. He is a very pleasant person to be around, friendly, very polite and easy to talk to. He took more time than I had booked and later patiently re-edited the pictures according to my wishes. Aleks had been lighting them up quite much but I liked how he had captured the dark atmosphere of the day. The backgrounds really look beautiful and I can only recommend him.

Aleks has a really deep understanding and knowledge of Copenhagen, with some historical introductions around our experience. Besides, he’s got a good eye on how we could interact with the environment in the city for perfect photos. We really appreciate his professionalism in photography and his creation of blissful memories for our trip to Copenhagen! Highly recommended!

Jaco & Nico
Aleks has done a great job at capturing our big wedding day: he’s been helping out with getting ready, properly posing for pictures, choosing photo locations, and much more. We really appreciated his effort and style. The pictures turned out very beautiful!

Nina & Scott
Loved this photo tour with Aleks. He makes sure it’s all about being comfortable which helps capture some great pictures. Aleks was able to edit and send back the final images within a couple days – wow! Really enjoyed the mix of candid’s and posed shots. Had fun and ended up with some great photos of our time in Copenhagen.

Kristina & Matt
We had a very good experience with Aleks. He is an easy-going person and experienced professional. He took really natural photos of us and our family. We took all of them at the end 🙂

Alfiia & Andreas
Aleks is a wonderful photographer to work with. We hired him to take pictures of us and our wedding party during our ceremony and the pictures came out amazing. He is super lovely, very easy to communicate with, kind, and funny. We had a great time, as did he, with our friends and family. I highly recommend 🙂 Thank you again, Aleks!

Ivona & Frederik
I was visiting Copenhagen as a solo traveler, and I wanted some nice photos as souvenirs, but not at the price of spending my vacation staring at a phone screen, stressing over bad selfies. Aleks offered the perfect solution. Thank you!

Did family photos around Copenhagen. Aleks was great to work with. He was good with our kiddos (11 months and 3 years old). Flexible with us when we needed to feed them, etc. Photos turned out great. Highly recommend.

We had a great experience with Aleks! He was friendly, easy to work with, a great communicator, and took some really beautiful shots of my family that we’ll treasure forever.

Aleks took excellent photos. He was very positive and made me feel comfortable and at ease. He showed me fun locations to take the photos, which gave me beautiful memories of my time in Copenhagen. Aleks was also very professional about timing: both in meeting up and in quickly delivering edited photos. I would highly recommend him as a photographer.

Aleks is super nice and a great photographer! I had a wonderful session. Recommendation: try scheduling in the morning! The light is great and the streets are quiet.

If you want to cherish the moment of traveling in Copenhagen, just book. Aleks was very punctual, made me comfortable, and gave advice about the pose, which was helpful for people who felt awkward being a model like me.

Aleks service has been outstanding from the start. He listened carefully, was patient as I asked questions, and ultimately put me at ease until my wedding day. I was pleasantly surprised by how much he managed to capture during our hour-long photoshoot. Absolutely fantastic value for the price.

Mariane & Glauber